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On-chain analytics show Bitcoin is the most efficient value settlement network, settling more than $60 trillion in transfer volume to date.

How the Mt. Gox rehab plan and Omicron emergence act as a sword of Damocles above otherwise splendid on-chain supply dynamics.

The cryptocurrency typically rises in the fourth quarter, which is why some traders are poised for a year-end rally.

Bitcoin prices fell to their latest multiweek low today, approaching $53,000 but failing to break through support. Several analysts offer perspective on what this means.

Bitcoin price is trading 17% below the ATH above $69,000 making the current correction the weakest so far for 2021.

Bitcoin staking is gaining popularity among investors. Here are five platforms that allow staking of crypto currencies.

Fix the money, fix the world. The world’s first and largest decentralized monetary network could usher in a more vibrant and just society.

Bitcoin price is likely to face some underperformance against Ethereum, XRP, and the broader altcoin market. Ethereum price action pushes higher during the Tuesday trading session, making another ...

Popular crypto analyst Nicholas Merten thinks it will be a couple of months before Bitcoin (BTC) exits out of this current sideways accumulation period.

According to the market value, Bitcoin has become one of the most expensive Cryptocurrency. This particular Cryptocurrency has already hit an all-time high which is continually surging above $66000, ... | Bitcoin | Bank

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